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The Projectionist is an anonymous character: we do not see his face or know his real name, but we learn about him through his memories of his life and career. He is a passionate and reflective man, who expresses his love of cinema as if it were a dear friend or past love. As an aging man, he sometimes feels lonely, but is comforted by the memories of his past working as a projectionist and amateur filmmaker, and is content knowing the films he has worked with are there whenever he needs them.
Catherine has edited many films in the past and is currently working as an editor on projects for various clients. As well as editing, she has a strong interest in screenwriting and hopes to pursue it further. As director, Catherine came up with the initial concept for the film and worked with our voice actor, Ciaran McGoran, during the recording process to bring The Projectionist to life. As editor, she had a very hands-on role during the filmmaking process, working with the voice over, sound recordings and archival material to construct the film.
Kelsey has worked as producer on multiple short films, as well as editing for shorts and video essays. Her interests include film production, as well as festival programming and curation. As producer on The Projectionist, Kelsey assisted with proof-reading of the script, looking over edits and hosting group meetings. Her main role was conducting research surrounding archival footage, looking into copyright and fair use and sourcing material for the film.
Mark has previously directed multiple short films, and is now focusing his attention on screenwriting and editing. His role as sound designer on The Projectionist involved reading the script and watching initial edits to deem what sounds were needed for the film. He then sourced a mixture of sounds using sound libraries and archives, as well as recording additional foley sounds, to accompany the film's visuals.
Joe has experience with editing and screenwriting, having written many scripts in the past, with a particular interest in comedy. In this short film, Joe worked with our director, Catherine, to develop the film’s narrative, themes and protagonist before beginning the writing process. He wrote multiple drafts of the script, making adjustments as needed, in order to make the narrative and narration clear and engaging for the audience, as well as the voice actor and editor. He also did research surrounding cinemas and the film industry to ensure the script was as authentic as possible.
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